Juvenile Delinquency

Partner Brad Haywood’s experience in juvenile delinquency matters is unparalleled in the Northern Virginia defense bar. As a Senior Juvenile Defender in Alexandria, VA, he spent over four years handling juvenile delinquency matters exclusively and has lectured frequently on topics such as juvenile trial advocacy, juvenile competency, and fighting juvenile transfer and certification cases, including twice lecturing at the prestigious Robert E. Shepherd Jr. Juvenile Law and Education Conference in Richmond, VA.

In addition to possessing a mastery of juvenile law, Mr. Haywood has an ease of rapport with court-involved youths, which permits him to serve as both an advocate and a counselor. There is an unusual balancing act in juvenile matters that requires defending the rights of the child, respecting the needs and concerns of the family and helping the child move forward and grow in his life, one that an attorney only learns through experience. If you are involved in a juvenile delinquency matter or have a child who is, call us to schedule a consultation.

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