Drug crimes

The war on drugs is one of the great remaining injustices in our country, one we as a firm are committed to opposing. We know it affects people at almost every level, and its effects are acute no matter how serious the case — local cops set up “stings” to bust low-level marijuana dealers, brazenly violate Fourth Amendment rights in conducting vehicle stops, use questionable undercover and informant strategies to justify arrest or search warrants, or simply lie and say they “smelled the odor of marijuana about your person”, when none existed, and no one will ever be able to expose the lie. More aggressively, federal authorities exhaust years of resources or develop a pyramid of cooperating witnesses to accumulate dozens of indictments carrying unimaginable punishment, solely as a means of coercing a guilty plea. These are tactics that are destroying our constitution, with the pervasive effect of destroying lives, often of young people and minorities.

You need attorneys who understand what you’re up against and are experienced with drug crimes. You need advocates who take your rights seriously, and are willing to do whatever it takes to stand up for them. If you are charged with drug possession, drug distribution, or any state or federal conspiracy, we will provide you the most dedicated representation available.

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